January 15, 2018


   During this past week I’ve had the delight of sharing time with some friends from Melbourne. My friends live not very far from the Melbourne CBD and, as a result, the sight and sound of some of our native marsupials and birds is a very rare occurrence.

In conversation over one meal, the topic of the regularity with which I see some of these creatures was raised. Some of the animals mentioned are ones which I see on a reasonably regular basis as I move around our local area in my small car. My response to these was pretty, ”Ho Hum, yes I see these.”

As we talked about these, not unusual sights, I was challenged to consider my reaction to such sightings. My reactions are invariably, “Oh lookout, don’t get near me, or, I should to take evasive action so as not to damage my car”. Nothing about my response to the wonder of seeing such special creatures.

My mind then has gone on a meander and I thought about how I respond to seeing God at work in nature and in the lives of people, recent or historical. I’m challenged to be ready to acknowledge God’s part of our world and make time to wonder at God’s presence in our world.

Many times we might think God is ignoring our world and not interested in us anymore. I believe one of the great truths of Bible teaching is, God IS interested in each of us, always has been and always will be. As we move into 2018 let’s be ready to stop and take notice of God’s presence and acknowledge this at any opportunity.


 Brian formerly of Eden Church of Christ, 6496 3367

 Brian formerly of Eden Church of Christ, 6496 3367