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Gardens of Eden

Many of us love gardening, but it is not always easy in Eden. Most of the soils in and around Eden are sandstone based meaning they are generally of low fertility with loose sandy topsoils. Coastal gardeners face the extra obstacles of wind and salt while gardeners near the bush trying to grow vegetables and fruit trees fight a never ending battle with the wildlife; many of us are all too familiar with the voracious appetites of the otherwise wonderful Satin Bower Bird.


Share your gardening tips or tricks. Do you have a favourite plant, garden  or even a favourite gardener in Eden? Tell us about the wildlife that visits your garden. Send us your gardening stories and pictures. We'd love to share them on our site.

Tips and Tricks

Sweet Citrus
If your mandarin or orange tree produces fruit that looks great but lacks sweetness give this a go.
Sprinkle approximately 6 handfuls of sulphate of potash around the base of the tree then water it in with 2 teaspoons of Epsom salts dissolved in 9 litres of water.

Sour oranges; you can always use them to make maralade or combine them with rhubarb to make jam.

DIY Herbicide
Helen gave us this useful recipe.

Dissolve 1 cup of salt in a bottle of vinegar. This can be sprayed directly onto weeds but take care as it will kill any foliage it contacts. If the weed you wish to kill is too near other plants to spay safely the mix can be applied to the weed with a small paint brush.

Protecting Seedlings from Snails

Ann suggests that if you dry your left over coffee grounds you can sprinkle them around your seedlings to protect them from snails.


Passion Fruit Woes

Kay from Batemans Bay emailed us "My passion fruit vine has heaps of flowers after I cut it back and is probably about 4 years old have given it sulphate of ammonia about 3 months back and it really took off, but still no fruit. I also have planted a banana passionfruit vine

about 6 months ago, same thing has heaps of flowers but no fruit. What am I doing wrong?"

I am afaid I have been having the same problem with my own passionfruit vine. My thanks to Michele who searched Dr. Goggle for possible answers which I have listed here.

If you have anymore suggestions let us know.

Green Mulch

Ann also suggests growing red clover, coriander and buck wheat as  a green manure to improve your soil. You can either pull the plants out and grow new plants in the improved soil, chop the green mulch down, leave on top as mulch and grow plants amongst the roots or plant  them with your vegetable seedlings.




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