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 If you would like a bird feeder you don't need to be handy man or buy a fancy store bought one.

I made this bird feeder from

an old hanging basket.

I just drilled three holes

in the pot's water tray, threaded the upside down

tray through the pot's chain and hung it up. Within days

our backyard was alive with feathered visitors.



    A note of caution:
    Make sure your feeder is safe from cats and other predators.

    You don't want to be luring birds to their death.


    Keep your feeder clean, regular disinfecting is recommended. 

    Don't  put too much grain in your feeder at one time especially in

    damp conditions. Damp grain can quickly become toxic and grain

    left out overnight may  attract rodents. Rats and mice are very

    capable climbers.

Crimson Rosella                    Crimson Rosellas                                   Juvenile Rosellas

rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeets