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A place to relax by the tranquil sound of water trickling and gently splashing

We came up with this twelve years ago when we left a property which had a large pond which had given our family many hours of pleasure. When time came to move we decided to take our fish pond with us and it came with us when we moved to our present home eight years ago.


We simply used an old cut down water tank and lined it with plastic. We used a bit of old polypipe to secure the plastic to the edges of the tank and to cover its sharp edges. Clean sand was layered on the bottom along with a few rock with no sharp edges. Just fill with water, add plants and water and instant garden pond.


Finding the right place for your pond takes some consideration. Most plants need at least 4-6 hours of sunlight to flourish but fish need some shade.


A secure covering for your pond is necessary in Eden not only for the safety of little humans but also because anywhere around Eden goldfish are not safe from the predations of water birds and kookaburras.




















Frog song and an inexpensive solar water fountain with lights add a little magic to the garden at night.

 My back yard pond

Around the pond we have used rocks, rock orchids and native violets to disguise the front of the old tank and behind it we have pots with ferns and bromeliads .





Gold fish swimming up and down

           Live their little lives

                    poking in and out and all around 

plants and rocks


It is normal for a layer of

sediment to build up on the bottom of the pond which is good for plants to anchor into. I have quite a few plants in the pond which need little care except for the occasional thinning out and in Summer we enjoy water lilies.



A plastic skull from the $2 shop makes a fun feature.