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From a Pastor's Pen

From a Pastor's (rtd.) Pen


     October 15, 2017



Connections! I’ve been away visiting family members and in my travels I’ve been to some familiar places, and, some new and different locations. On one of my sidetracks I was driving along a forest road, trying to make up some time and I went over a large hump on the road a bit too fast, and, a little while later I heard some unusual knocking and banging noises under the car.

Oh dear, I thought to myself, what’s broken or fallen off? I had a look and did a quick check and nothing major seemed to be wrong, to my eyes. Anyway my holiday continued with much delight as I shared great times with family and friends. The banging noises hadn’t become worse and I had a another look and nothing too bad was obvious.

When I got home I thought it was a good idea to have a serious check to see what the trouble could be. When the car was put up on a hoist, it was easy to see the reason for the banging. One of the big rubber supports for the muffler had slipped of a pin. This was pushed back where it should have been and, yes, the clunking and banging had gone. A quiet ride is now my experience again.

Maintaining connections is an important part of our daily lives, isn’t it? Whether it’s to the power, phone or gas. Even family and friends. Just as importantly is maintaining our connection with God to help us move through some of the situations of our lives. We don’t need to get up on a hoist to check our connection with God, time through our day communicating with Him, reading parts of the Bible is all part of ensuring we stay with God who is always around ready to be part of our lives. Let’s keep our connections in good order and condition.


 Brian formerly of Eden Church of Christ, 6496 3367