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From a Pastor's Pen




                                                                              June 19, 2017







  Some days recently have been a bit on the cool side, haven’t they? I have found it really hard to keep myself warm and one part of me that I took great care to keep covered, with a beanie, was my head.


  As I was up the street I saw there were some people getting around that day who, from the way they were dressed, just did not appear to be feeling the cold and the bite of that chilly wind.


  There are so many things about us as individuals that are different, and this makes our world exciting and challenging doesn’t it?  It might be; we feel the cold or the heat, what foods we like or to which we are allergic, if we like to get up early in the mornings or stay up late at nights.


  As I was thinking about the ways that we are all different I thought about how there’s one part of our beings in which there is no difference between any of us.


  Paul writes about this in his letter to the Christians of Rome known as, Romans, in chapter 3 verse 23 to start with, “..Everyone has sinned and is far away from God’s saving presence.”  Paul goes on, through other parts of the letter to show that God has given us a way to insulate us from the effect of sin.


  This insulation is something that everyone is going to need. Without exceptions. Are you trusting in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus to insulate you fully?




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