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Bleating Tree Frog (Litoria Dentata), is a tiny little tree frog. Until recently though to come only as far south as Nowra. I was delighted to show scientists from the Australian Museum these frogs on my property.
5 to 7 cm long when full grown. It has mottled brownish grey skin, with a dark smudge running from the tip of its nose to its tail, and another brown line through its eye and ear. Lives in forest, woodland, swamps, and heath. However, it is often found in people's gardens, especially in drainpipes, where it is nice and damp. Known for its loud, high pitched call.
Bleating tree frog (Litoria denata)
Peron's Tree Frog (Litoria peroni) Common. large fingered pads allow them to climb smooth surfaces like windows when they hunt moths and insects on wet nights. Adult length: 45-70mm Perons Tree frog 



Lotoria Denata
Lotoria Denata
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Perons Tree Frog
Perons Tree Fro...
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